Yocan Trio Pod 4 Pack

by Yocan
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Designed and engineered by Yocan for specific use with the Trio vapoizer, These replacement pods come in packs of four in your choice of Oil, E-Liquid, and Wax Concentrates depending on your needs. The quantity is great, ensuring you won't be stuck without a spare when your other Trio pods go empty or missing.

Each Trio pod is refillable and use heating elements that are designed specifically to enhance the vapor output of each material type. The Trio oil and e-liquid pods are both equipped with ceramic coils, known for facilitating low and slow heating making it the perfect coil for vaporizing oils and other thinner e-liquids. Ceramic coils deliver clean and smooth vapors with high flavor retention, the ideal heating element for both connoisseurs and daily consumers.

Trio's wax concentrate pod is outfitted with a quartz dual coil commonly found in most Yocan vaporizers. Quartz coils provide the perfect balance of flavor and vapor density giving you the ideal experience for wax concentrate consumption.

Pop your replacement Trio cartridges with the same Yocan magnetic connection as your previous cartridge, and you're good to go!

You can now get the most out of your materials with the Yocan Trio Pods. Grab yours now!