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A Vase for Smoke Sucking Vampires

A visually striking My Bud Vase - Vamp bong is both a stunning secret on the shelf and a striking statement once it’s turned around. Reminiscent of art deco vases, it’s a striking gold ‘Leaf’ pattern on black stoneware with sleek handles, like an Egyptian urn.

This upscale bong comes with fabulous red lips and lipstick rhinestone earring studs. There’s also an ostrich feather amulet, cloisonne logo poker, and custom bowl to complete this opulent vase. Each My Bud Vase© comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Art Deco Smoke Sarcophagus 

This elegant 7.5” My Bud Vase - Vamp water pipe has a custom-mad, 9 mm, 3.25" purple bubble bowl and a fixed downstem. There’s also a pot leaf poker included. All elements are made to work together to look like a beautiful piece of art (which it is, just functional art).


Lifting Imortal Spirits Higher

Art is an investment, and The Vamp is worth the coin. Protect it with a bong pad and get other premium smoke accessories for a premium, personalized smoke sesh!