Tube Top Silicone Plugs 6 Pack


Variety pack of silicone plugs by Higher Standards. designed to fit a variety of different different pieces from your smallest hand pipe to your largest beaker bong. These water proof plugs make it easy to clean your products, allowing you to shake them, and can also be day to day to lock in odor or prevent spillage in high traffic areas. They work great with the other products in the Higher Standards cleaning and maintenance line.

Includes the following sizes:

  • 1x 45 mm / 37 mm Plug
  • 1x 24 mm / 18 mm Plug
  • 1x 19 mm / 13 mm Plug
  • 1x 6 mm / 3 mm Plug
  • 1x 5 mm / 1.5 mm Plug