The Very Happy Kit

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The Very Happy Kit is a great gift for any smoker. Featuring all the items you need to get your sesh on the road, the happy kit is a great solution for travelering tokers, discreet smokers, and those of us that just like a neat place to keep their stash. 

Each Happy Kit is housed in a smellproof, water-tight, air tight case, featuring acvtivated charcoal lining and double layered zipper seals. 

Inside the case you'll find a thick glass hand pipe, along with a 4 piece aluminium grinder, a 1-hitter, metal poker, some rolling papers (with tips!), a doob tube, and a wax jar! 

Happy Kits are perfect for roadtrips, and allow you to take all your favorite smoking gear on the go. Happy kits are available in a variety of configurations to fit every smokers lifestyle! Be sure to check out the Happy Kit Mini and Happy Kit OG, as well as the Happy Dab Kit!