The Shorty


The Shorty is a more compact size of Revelry's popular Escort backpack. This medium-sized bag includes all the great features Revelry Supply offers in a compact, travel-friendly size. The Shorty Backpack features a large divided back pocket with a secret stash zipper pouch hidden on the inner lining. The divider here makes storing multiple items like a tablet and smaller pipe or bong quite easy. This pouch and the smaller pouch on the Shorty's front face both feature an odor-locking rubber-lined zipper. On either side of the bag's exterior are two smaller pockets for storing items you may need easier access to. The Shorty is definitely an ideal travel buddy, easy to carry on and carry around!

    Revelry bags have two outstanding features:

    Using a Carbon Filter System made from layers of odor-absorbing charcoal and synthetic filters, Revelry inner linings ensure unwanted dry herb, concentrate smells, or any odor, for that matter, do not escape.

    Secondly is the outer hybrid design constructed from a stylish rubber-backed exterior. This durable and water-resistant armor protects your essentials. Revelry bags provide you peace of mind on all your journeys ahead.