"Spartian" Recycler

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This compact and complicated looking rig is full of flavorful potential and as easy to use as any other waterpipe, with more functionality. Paired with a 14mm male bowl, this bong is great for dry herbs but it really shines when paired with concentrates. Included is a 14mm male bowl for dry herbs that fits comfortably into a 14mm female open dewars joint that creates two pathways for smoke to travel from the bowl. Smoke travels separately through these two pathways into the water chamber where it is filitered with the assistance of a showerhead perc located at the bottom of the chamber in the center. The skinny neck at the top of this recycler acts as a splashguard with the flaired mouthpiece creating an airtight seal so the only place smoke has to go is through the intricate glass tubing within the recycler and into your lungs!