Self Illuminating Aquatic Themed Rig

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The Beauty of these Self Illuminating Recycler Rigs from Empire Glassworks are matched by their functionality, and and absolute show piece addition to any smokers collection. Standing at 10.5 inches, and weighing just over 2 pounds each, The Illuminora rigs are intricately designed while maintaining quality and durability. These pieces come with both a 14mm male bowl bowl for dry herbs, as well as a 4mm thick quartz banger with a matching themed carb cap. The 90° female joint on the base of the rig has a dewars joint for added support, and along with the flared mouth piece, is accented with illuminati UV reflective glass! THese rigs come with a cicular UV blacklight with multiple settings, held in place with 3 small magnets that take nothing away from the glory of these rigs.

This Aquatic themed rig has a beautiful coral reef perc teeming with fish! Atop rest's a clam with a beautiful milli pearl. Around the outside of the base and recycler chamber are a yellow submarine and giant shark! Throughout these features you will find illuminating black light reflective glass. Even the carb cap is a blacklight reflective jellyfish! Take it from me, smoking is better, under the sea!