RöK Replacement Mouthpiece

by Pulsar

RöK Replacement Parts

The Pulsar Rok Mouthpiece is an essential replacement part because this little piece makes it all come together. It’s the tip of the RöK that channels all that channeled flavor from your dabs or your dry herb.

This durable metal mouthpiece for the RöK caps is made of durable metal. It fits snugly into the top of the RöK. This ‘friction fit ensure the part will stay in place as you do some 710 loadings or roasting a bowl of herb.


RöK and Roll Accessories

This Pulsar certified replacement part is affordable, durable, and made to enhance your weed right on top of the rig! The mouthpiece is also easy to maintain with a simple soak in a cleaning solution.

The Pulsar Rok Mouthpiece replacement part keeps this e-rig topped off right. To customize your next sesh, check out Dankstop’s other great dab accessories to personalize your gear!