Ozone Silicone Bong

by Ooze
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Well Rounded 4-in-1 Water Pipe

The Ozone Silicone Bong from Ooze is a wonderous water pipe because it's a 4-in-1 bong, dab rig, nectar straw, and vape cart converter! The silicone body (multiple color options) holds the boro glass pieces snug, so this O rips with both herb and oil!

The big O silicone super bong comes with an 'Armor' bowl that fits 14mm and 18mm joints. Still, there is also a quartz 90º banger for dabs, a titanium tip for a dab straw (a boro dab dish is also included), and a silicone collar that acts as a vape cart water pipe converter!

Pair this powerful 4-in-1 setup with other dope smoking accessories, from lighters to smell-proof storage and beyond, to personalize your next stratospheric sesh!