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 It might be the smallest bag in the Revelry duffle bag family, but the Overnighter has more than enough space to meet your weekend, day tripping or overnight needs. The large main pocket gives you plenty of room for storage with a 20" length and 28 liter capacity, complete with a smaller zippered secret stash pocket. Odor stays locked inside with the Revelry's triple carbon insulation technology and rubber backed water resistant canvas exterior and lined lockable zippers, with a metal loop to lock up the zipper and keep your contents safer than without. Either side of the exterior has a pocket of their own, and you have two ways to cary the Overnighter with clasping side straps and a removable padded shoulder strap.  Check out some of the smaller Revelry travel bags to pair up with your Overnighter!

 Revelry  bags have two out standing features:

Using a Carbon Filter System made from three layers of odor-absorbing charcoal and synthetic filters Revelry inner linings ensure unwanted dry herb, concentrate smells, or any odor for that matter, do not escape. Whenever you like, toss your Revelry bag in the dryer to remove odors absorbed by the inner lining!

Secondly is the outer hybrid design constructed from a stylish rubber-backed exterior. This durable and water-resistant armor provides protection for your essentials. Revelry bags provide you peace of mind on all your journeys ahead.