Ooze Rolling Tray - Metal - Omega

by Ooze
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When worlds collide and species finally meet. Things that seemed so right never seemed so wrong. Universes have evolved into...the OMEGA. 

The Omega Rolling Tray functions perfectly while grinding your herb and rolling it up, as an ashtray, and the dope design also makes a great conversation piece. It may look a little plain without all the color, but your bud will show up perfectly and you'll never lose a crumb! Grab your favorite pack of rolling papers, your favorite strain of filler, and this rolling tray and start making some fat smokes.


  • Dimensions 5" by 7" (Small/Travel)  7.67" x 10" (Medium) 12" x 14" (Large)
  • Durable, Long-Lasting Metal
  • Curved Edges
  • Omega Galaxy Design