Ooze Resolution Deluxe Water Pipe & Glass Pipe Cleaning Kit

by Ooze
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The Deluxe Cleaning Kit from Ooze Resolution is the ultimate solution for all of your dirty pieces! This kit includes a variety of different tools to use with the Res Gel to get your favorite piece back to its original, sparkling condition. 

Drop smaller bowls and accessories right into the resealable Res Gel pouch, zip it shut, and shake it around. This cleaning solution is reusable, so you can keep using the same bag again and again! For larger pieces, open the spout and pour about 3oz of solution directly into your bong, pipe or rig. Plug all open holes with the included Res Caps, shake until the entire piece is coated, and let it sit for a few minutes. Run it under warm water, and your piece will be as clean as the day you bought it! 

We know how annoying it can be to get into all the nooks and crannies, so we stocked this kit with plenty of tools to really get in every last corner. Our cotton swabs have two different ends; one rounded and one pointed, and we include a pack of 110 so you’ll be set for plenty of smoke sessions. We also include a 3-pack of stick brushes, which are essentially super long and skinny pipe cleaner brushes that work great on downstems and other narrow tubes and areas. After rinsing, dry your piece with the Res Rag to make it shine, and so you can get right back to smoking. 

The Deluxe Kit includes: 

  • Ooze Resolution Cleaning Gel Pouch 
  • 4pk Res Caps (Green or Black) 
    • 1 Large 
    • 1 Medium 
    • 1 Small 
    • 1 Mini (for downstems) 
  • 110pk Ooze Resolution Cotton Swabs 
  • 3pk Ooze Resolution Stick Brushes 
  • Ooze Resolution Res Rag 

Ooze Resolution Res Caps 

Use Ooze Res Caps to seal your pipe during cleaning, traveling, or storing to prevent spills and bad odors. The silicone end caps will seal in that funky smell, so you can stay lowkey and discreet when traveling with your glass pipe from place to place.