Mini Honey Straw Nectar Collector Set

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The mini nectar collector is finally available at DankStop. We noticed that nectar collectors were a high demand item, but always seemed to cost a fortune anywhere we saw them. After a ton of research and quality testing, we've finally found a high quality micro nectar collecter that we can offer at an affordable price. This mini nectar collector includes a diffused water chamber body, removable 10mm mouth piece, glass dish, 10mm titanium tip, and 10mm quartz adapter. Truth be told, the Mini Honey Straw Nectar Collector Set is an ingenious creation. Not only does the product efficiently collect concentrates, but it also vaporizes them! All you need is your mini nectar collector and concentrates to begin vaping. Most importantly, one must know how to use the nectar collector. Since you are vaping, you are dealing with a seriously high temperature and should always be aware of safety.

Luckily, the DankStopهتMini Honey Straw Nectar Collector Set is easy to use. The first step is fill the body with water for filtration, and then assemble the pieces. Essentially, there are two piece that need to be connected to the body of the nectar collector: the mouthpiece and the titanium tip. The mouthpiece fits into a joint, located at the top end of the body. The titanium tip also fits into a joint, but on the bottom end of the body. Once you have assembled the DankStopهتMini Honey Straw Nectar Collector Set into its full form, you're next step is to prepare your concentrates. Preparing your concentrates is easy but important. Make sure to place your concentrates into the included glass dish. You can also put place them on a heat-resistant surface if you so please. Once your concentrates are in place, you should heat up the titanium tip. For this step, you will need a butane torch. Use the torch to heat up the tip until it is slightly red, then let it cool for 10 seconds. Now, make sure to keep your hands on the glass since the tip is so hot. Lightly touch the tip to the concentrates, and inhale through the mouthpiece. There you have it, the amazing DankStopهتMini Honey Straw Nectar Collector Set.