Marble Accented Honeypot Rig

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Scrumdiddlyumptious Honeypot 🍯 

It's a beautiful day in your neck of the 100 Acre Wood when you can break out the Marble Accented Honeypot Rig. This mini rig is smaller than a piglet and features a honeypot body, colored marble, and a matching accented mouthpiece. Smooth hits of your honey smoke filtered through a fire-cut diffused downstem will leave you floating amongst the clouds and treetops like a honeybee. This splendiferous little water pipe features a 14mm female polished joint and includes a 2-4mm quartz banger (style may vary depending on availability). 

The Marble Accented Honeypot Rig is the perfect companion for a little wake and bake treat in the morning. Just remember to do your Pooh stretches first!