Love Bud

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Feel The Love 

Showing your love of weed is easy with the My Bud Vase - Love Bud, which is both a secret and a statement simultaneously. It’s a hand-crafted water pipe reminiscent of Japanese porcelain, and it brings a new level of love to your weed.

This water pipe looks like classic art with cannabis artwork showing a towering hemp plant illustration with retro style. The body of this water pipe is teardrop-shaped, and it tapers to a heart-shaped mouthpiece. 

This striking and unique piece from My Bud Vase© even comes with a certificate of authenticity!


A Rose by Another Name is a Hemp Leaf

This 5.5” My Bud Vase - Love Bud bong has a custom-made 9mm, black bubble bowl and a fixed downstem. There’s also a pot leaf poker included. All elements are made to work together to look like a beautiful piece of art (which it is, just functional art).


Handsome Little Budding Vase

Art is an investment, but the Love Bud vase gives a lot of value to the green. Protect it with a bong pad and get other premium smoke accessories for a premium, personalized smoke sesh!