Hotbox Cabin Mini Rig

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MJ arsenal's Limited Edition "Hotbox Cabin" Mini Rig is designed with the same simple philosophy in mind. Less air, equals more flavor -- just a little more festive. This amazing little piece features a sculpted glass cabin, and is cleverly designed so the smoke billows through the glass candy-cane chimney -- literally "hotboxing" the cabin!

For even more holiday festiveness, your vapor will first pass through the Glass snowman before being diffused through the 3 hole perc in the bottom chamber. 

Just add water and put a little holiday cheer into your smoke sesh with this Hotbox Cabin Dab Rig from MJ's Arsenal! 

This piece is 4.5 inches in height with a 2.5 inch base, and 10mm female joint paired with a 10mm male banger nail.

This Rig does not include a bowl for flower.