Hemper Vape Battery

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There are so many forms of getting lit now, am I right?! A method of smoking oil that is rising in popularity is the use of a refillable or disposable cartridge. Many of these come with a basic battery unit that has a single temperature setting and a limited number of recharges. You deserve better.

With the Hemper vape battery, all you have to do is just screw on almost any 510 threaded cartridges and all then inhale!  Unlike most slim style batteries the Hemper vape battery uses micro-usb charging.  The preheat function applies low level heat to the thick oil cartridge for 15 seconds to make the oil more viscous before vaping.  You can change between 3 different voltage levels to find the right setting for you.  It comes with a magnetic micro usb cable for convenient charging on the go.


  • Portable discrete
  • Works with 510 threaded cartridges
  • 380mAh
  • 3 Variable Voltages (2.7V - White, 3.1V - Blue, 3.6V - Red)
  • Preheat Time:  15 seconds
  • On/Off:  5 Clicks in 2 Seconds
  • Adjust Voltage:  3 Clicks
  • Start Preheat:  2 Clicks
  • Stop Preheat:  1 Click


  • (1) Hemper 510 Thread Vape Battery
  • (1) Micro USB charging attachment