Hemper Sherlock Splash Guard Bubbler

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Ever feel like your bowl hits are just a bit too hot? That's where the science of a  bubbler steps in.

The Sherlock pipe design is classically adopted from its namesake, Sherlock Holmes. By adding just a small amount of water to his classic pipe, you're on track for the smoothest pulls your lungs have ever experienced.

Bubblers work by adding a cooling layer of water filtration to your hot smoke. With just a small amount of water, hot smoke is pulled through a cleansing bath of water which both cools down the temperature of the smoke as well as wash out layers of harsh hydro-carbons. The result is exceptionally smooth pulls, rip after rip. By separating those hot pockets of hot air into smooth, cool bubbles, bubbler's provide a full-bodied pull while smoothing the harshness of combustion.

A bubbler is typically classified as a water pipe with a built-in bowl and a carb hole for clearing. It's close cousin, the bong however, has a removable glass slide for clearing - a subtle but important differentiation in smoke-cooling technology. A handheld bubbler is great for those who want to eliminate the harshness of smoking from a regular glass pipe, but don't want to carry around a large water pipe with a lot of moving (breakable) parts.

The magic of the bubbler is simple. The bubblers' bowl leads down into a small air and water chamber where smoke is pulled down from the bowl through a body of water, 'defusing' the smoke through the water. This diffusion process eliminates the heat and impurities that make smoke hurt when you inhale.

They can be used with water, or without, and whether you like a solid hammer style or the classic Sherlock bubblers we have selected some of the best ones on the market. 


  • Domed percolator
  • Built-in Splashguard
  • Sherlock design
  • Self-contained water chamber