Gold Smoke Ring

by RAW
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One Ring to Rule Them All

The RAW Gold Smoker Ring has no beginning and no end on the finger, but it does have a mission! This golden beauty sends a message that a RAWthentic player is present and a functional tip- holding a lit cone in the ring, so it never touches the lips.

In the era of new normals and germs being more important to consider than ever, the RAW Gold Smoker Ring means you never have to share with a stranger again. Being a ring bearer may mean being alone, but it also means no more swapping germs.


This rolling paper company is innovative at everything- especially inventing useful smoker’s tools with class. They use their powerful name, emblazoned on the RAW Gold Smoker Ring's flat top, to help fund their charitable branch- the RAW Foundation.

There’s more than the majesty of an emblazoned 24k gold-plated RAW Gold Smoker Ring blazing away. Such a smoker helps fund water solutions to people around the world. Plus, the tip means you never have to swap germs again! So, win-win.


A Golden Tip

Using the RAW Gold Smoker Ring is as easy as sliding a lit cone’s filter into the ring’s tapered hole and puffing away! Your germs stay on the gold- and group germs stay at bay! Plus, it looks fabulous, too, with the bright red RAW set on yellow gold, best. Smokers. Bling. Ever.

The tip works best with filtered joints and cones because that specific angle is what the ring’s tapered tip was engineered to fit. Plus, inserting a j or unfiltered cone right into the ring would put more resin on your ring, not a good thing.

“It’s just about being ridiculous and over-the-fucking top.” - Joshua Kesselman, founder, RAW Rolling Papers.

So make sure when ordering the RAW Gold Smoker Ring that you also have plenty of pre-roll cones or King Size rolling papers on hand. You should also check out the RAW Crystal Glass Ashtray and the RAW Crystal Glass Rolling Tray for more sick, over-the-top wares.