Glyco Glass Bowl

by Ooze

Chill your bong hits from the start with the Ooze Glyco Glass Bowl. If you're familiar with the ice catcher feature you'll find in bongs, then you know what a treat it is to have the option of cooling your hits. Equally useful and found more often each day, is glycerin filled glass that can be placed in the freezer itself, eliminating the need for ice. The glycerin retains the cold climate from your freezer and even at room temperature cools the glass airpath your smoke will travel through. The Cryo bowl will always fit your 14mm female bongs unlike an ice cube and you never have to worry about ending up with too much water in your pipe. Your buds will rest safely in the deep high walled Cryo and when it's time to take a rip you'll love the exterior marble accent that not only adds some detail but also gives you a better grip. The Cryo Bowl is the anti-cough equation you never knew you needed for your bong collection!