Fumed Fish Chillum

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Whether you are a fan of the sea, love fish, or just plain want a colorful, unique hand pipe, the Fumed Fish Chillum is the obvious choice. The worked glass chillum has details throughout. The face, which is also the mouthpiece, has a set of googly fish eyes on top. The rest of the head and body are also complete with extremities. Four fins can be found on the chillum, one on each side of the fish's face and two down the center of the back. While these worked glass fins are aesthetically pleasing, they also serve a purpose. Because of the convenient 3" length of the Fumed Fish Chillum, these protrusions help with handling the pipe. Fish can be slippery after all. There has been a bit of evolution as well with these hand pipes as there are two glass feet on the underside. These feet allow the pipe to stand on its own without falling over, or flopping like a fish. On the other end of the chillum is where you pack the herbs. This deep bowl may appear narrow but it has plenty of depth. Although the extremities are made with clear glass, the rest of the pipe is very colorful. The colors vary from pipe to pipe but the inner fumed glass will always be there. Fumed glass can look different in certain lights and actually changes hues the dirtier it gets. Don't be another fish out of water and pick up the Fumed Fish Chillum today! There may be other fish in the sea but you can smoke out of this one.