Eight Arm Tree Perc Straight Tube

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Diamond Glass out of California crafts some of the finest and affordable glass pieces imaginable. in this edition, you're looking at the Eight Arm Tree Perc Straight Tube Waterpipe. This bong has thick glass walls and a wide base creating a sturdy glass pillar for you to smoke your dry herbs from.

Within this vertical tube reside two smoke filtration chambers. The first filter is an 18mm to 14mm downstem that slides into the base of the bong and percolates water using six slits carved into the tip of the downstem. The top of the downstem is where you'll load the 14mm male bowl with your dry herbs. The smoke your roasted flowers will create travels through this first water chamber and up into the second where an impressive eight arm tree perc will filter your smoke further for an unparalleled clean hit. Cool things down further by making good use of the three-pinch icecatcher located just above the tree perc in the neck of the straight tube. A bong of this variety is perfect for all smokers and a great piece to add to your collection.