Custom Glass Rig - 6" - Slyme

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The Slyme 6” Pioneer Glass Rig is a small, handheld water pipe that really packs a punch. Equipped with a fixed downstem, this is a simple piece to use, but also one who’s magic is in the details. This mini bong has a straight mouthpiece and rounded base. The bowl is held up by an arm the extends out the side of the Slyme, and has a second, smaller arm underneath in its bright accent color.

The body of this rig is made of a dark grey colored glass, which creates a nice contrast with the accent color that can be found on the smaller bowl arm, tip of the mouthpiece, and ring around the water chamber. The inside of that colorful ring is completely clear; water and debris levels can easily be checked without having to hold it up to the light.

Standing roughly 6” tall (though each piece’s height will vary slightly), this is an awesome starter bubbler for any smoking novice. The flower bowl is a matching gray toned glass, and features a small grip knob on the opposite side of the choke. The Slyme rig is an eye-catching, yet understated piece that will look great with the rest of the pieces in your glass display case. Colors may vary from photos.

Colors may vary.