Custom Glass Rig - 6" - Monster

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The Monster Glass Rig is not for the faint of heart! This menacing figure stands 6” tall, and is just waiting for you to dare to take a hit. If we had to guess, we’d say that this creature is a cross between an ogre and an alien, but it’s truly like nothing we’ve laid our eyes on before. The Monster has two sets of amber-colored eyes, and a mouth full of protruding, shiny white teeth.

He has a set of curved, white horns by his eyes, and a set of three antennae with pink spheres at the ends on the very top of his light tan head. The center antennae is the widest, and acts as the mouthpiece. Yes, you have to make eye contact with the Monster before you take your hit. His arms and legs are covered in red speckles that give him a slightly bloody appearance. He has white claws and black toes.

The downstem and flower bowl can be found around back, and are also that light tan shade. His speckled tail rests below the downstem, providing stability on a flat surface while not in use. The flower bowl has ample space inside, and a small clear knob on either side for easy handling. This is the perfect rig for any shop looking to diversify their offerings! The Monster is an eye-catching piece that is a great fit for any horror, video game, or cartoon fan.