Crystal Glass Ashtray

by RAW
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Cones Look Killer in Crystal

The RAW Foundation offers premium wares like the RAW Crystal Glass Ashtray to fund charitable work worldwide. As collector’s items, stunner lead-free crystal pieces are limited edition masterworks, a great look on which the RAW logo looks great etched.

For any blunt when not in hand- the RAW Crystal Glass Ashtray is a royal spot to rest. It is incredibly thick, like its nostalgic inspirations, but even better. It looks like the classic retro ashtrays of your great grandparents’ days, reminiscent of a detective noir scene.

RAW Deep 

So thick it could be a murder-mystery clue, the RAW Crystal Glass Ashtray rests big, like a regal jewel, especially in its black box. This mammoth piece of crystal weighs 3.5 lbs because the vintage Versace version that inspired it weighs 3.3 lbs, and RAW wouldn’t be outdone!

The bottom of this beauty is incredibly thick, with the RAW logo etched deep. There are four fat, slotted sides, perfectly blunt sized, on this exceptional seven-sided ashtray. Its clear crystal shows straight through at all angles, accenting lines with light like a jeweler’s prize.


How to Handle the Good Sh*t

RAW asks you to be kind and only place the good shit in there. To that end, they only put this beauty in a suitable black collector’s box weighing in at 4.4 pounds shipped. The noir interior shows off every exquisite detail of this updated beauty.

You can be proud of this crystal beauty for its form, function, and purpose. It’s worthy of only the best blunts (rolled with all-natural rolling papers, of course) and maybe even an ultra flashy 1950s inspired crystal glass rolling tray that matches high RAW style.

RAW crystal pieces have all the ingredients of premium work- great materials, design, and craftsmanship. This company has always been about the best, and these products represent that. And, for the premium crystal glass items, there’s also a mission. 


The RAW Foundation

The RAW Foundation is the famous rolling paper company's charitable arm, its parent company HBI and founder Joshua Kesselman. To help fund numerous global programs that help millions worldwide, they offer the most choice RAW gear.

There’s special worth behind class items like the RAW Crystal Glass Rolling Tray and the RAW Crystal Glass Ashtray. The RAW Foundation has made an ongoing impact in South America, Africa, Sumatra, the Philippines, and Indonesia. 

Funds from the proceeds of these elite goods help bring water to the Amazon, repair wells and fund agricultural education in Uganda, bore huge wells in Addis Ababa, built sustainable rainwater harvest tanks in Kenya, a reverse osmosis project in Ethiopia, protected thousands of acres of rainforest in Sumatra, provided more than 100,000 meals in the Philippines and supported the Balikids Orphanage where they make their hand-rolled cones.