"Chandelier" Recycler

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Like a chandelier in real life, let this Chandelier Recycler be the focal point of your collection. This recycler water pipe stands at 14" on its 5" Diameter base made from sturdy thick glass. The base supports the clear glass construction of its central barrel perc chamber that connects to five separate mini honeycomb perc chambers. These five mini chambers along with its large central chamber are constructed to connect their separate tubing to the air chamber itself. From this chamber, the bent neck design is fashioned with a clear glass maria ring to make this piece even more unique. This complex design not only looks awesome, but allows for ultimate filtration to occur for each and every hit as it cools the smoke completely before it ever enters your lungs. This bong comes in all clear or with green colored glass accents on the recycler's base and its flared lip mouthpiece. The entire piece is made using super thick glass to ensure durability so that this water pipe can remain in your collection forever.