Bump Box - 34 King Size Cone Loader

by Buddies

The Buddies Bump Box is a quick and easy way to fill 34 king size cones at once without any of the fuss or hassle.

How to use the Buddies Bump Box:

  1. Simply load up the bump box with 34 king size pre-rolled cones
  2. Drop your ground herb into the top. 
  3. Close the top
  4. shake the box, and bump it on the table a few times
  5. Open the lid, and use the included pokers to poke down the herb in each cone. 
  6. Flip the lid underneath, which will push all 34 cones up out of their sleeve so you can easily grab them out, and twist the top shut. 

This cone filler works perfectly with RAW King Size Preroll Cones!