Bud Bar - Puffer Pod


The Little Puffing Powerhouse

Bud Bar has created a new way of delivering your favorite terpene aromas to you with the introduction of the Puffer Pod™! This elegantly clean design uses simple physics to deliver a generous whiff of wonderful cannabis aromas without the need for a plug! The Puffer Pod™ incorporates ‘Micro Holes’ that block air movement until the puff button is pressed. When pressed quickly the Puffer Pod™ then delivers an ample wisp of terpene aroma. The Puffer Pod™ also features a humidity tray which hides an optional Boveda® Humidity Control Pack underneath, allowing samples to stay fresher, longer. The tray, along with our trademark magnifier and nug spike, make this Pod a “Puffing Powerhouse”!

Overall Dimensions: 2½” wide x 3¼” deep x 2½” tall.