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Revelry Supply's innovative Carbon Filter System is on full display with the medium size daily driver the Around-Towner. Carbon filtration traps unwanted odor, creating a comfortable travel experience both mentally and physically. To release the absorbed odors place your bag in a dryer for a few minutes. The Around-Towner features a hook and loop zipper cover, and a rubber-backed nylon that ensures your travel essentials remain safe and secure. This bag of legend is also equipped with end handles and a removable shoulder strap for maximum comfort.

The Around-Towner is designed from extremely durable materials with Revelry understanding the surprises that traveling can throw at you. The sophisticated Around-Towner is notorious for its superior strength, water resistance, and stylish aesthetic. This intermediate-sized duffle bag houses an abundance of space for your essentials—including a discreet inner stash pocket.


Revelry  bags have two out standing features:

Using a Carbon Filter System made from three layers of odor-absorbing charcoal and synthetic filters Revelry inner linings ensure unwanted dry herb, concentrate smells, or any odor for that matter, do not escape.

Secondly is the outer hybrid design constructed from a stylish rubber-backed exterior. This durable and water-resistant armor provides protection for your essentials. Revelry bags provide you peace of mind on all your journeys ahead.