Angled Recycler Bong

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Though it comes with a 14mm female bubble bowl for dry herbs, This neat little recycler beaker is destined for dabs.

Part beaker and part recycler this functional frankenstein waterpipe is well balanced from it's 45° 14mm male joint to the tip of its flared bent neck mouthpiece on the other side, standing strong even before you fill it with water. A three inch fixed downstem perc hangs below the male joint filtering smoke through bubbling water with two seperate openings in the water chamber for smoke to travel out of. This diversion of smoke creates a smoother hit, with the bend at the top of the water chamber and neck acting as a natural splashguard. For those of us smoking dabs, using just enough water to submerge the holes of the downstem will allow you to take advantage of the reclaim chamber located in the neck of this scientific little beaker rig. The included 14mm female bubble bowl is deep enough for large pack lovers and features glass marbles around it's edge for easier grip and to prevent rolling if the bowl tips over!