16" Double Tree Perc Straight Tube with Jade White Accents

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This 16" Straight Tube features a sturdy 6mm thick glass construction to form its tubing throughout to ensure durability for a long time to come. Within the clear glass tubing is a two chamber 8-Arm Double Tree Perc design, created with a three-pinch ice catcher just above the second tree perc. The ice catcher provides an opportunity for the smoke to cool before it enters your lungs, while the double tree percs filtrate the air thoroughly so you get a clean hit every time. Below the first perc is a 18 to 14mm Female Joint in the bong's Removable Diffused Downstem. It measures 4" in length, fitting a 14mm Male Joint Bowl or Nail. Jade White Colored Glass Accent the bong's 4.5" Diameter Base and its hefty 12mm thick glass rounded lip mouthpiece to make this pipe stand out in your glass collection!